Ancient Greece is considered by many people to be the most advanced civilization of the ancient world. The Greeks have contributed to modern culture in many ways. One of the most important contributions made by the Greeks was their establishment of sports. Today many societies and universities including ours here at Chapman base their sports all the way back to the Greek Olympics.

They have given our culture the basis of sports as an important part of life. Many of our present days athletic events are modeled on those of ancient Olympics, the first Olympics date back to the Greek civilization where it all began. The ancient Olympics were different from the modern Games. There were a lesser amount of events, and not everyone who wanted to could compete. The Olympics lasted only 5 days. Women couldn’t even be spectators. On the first day they would sacrifice animals for the sake Zeus. The Greeks also praised their other gods like Apollo.

The games back then did not have a marathon. The modern Olympics anyone who wants to compete is allowed to as long as they are able to get certain requirements needed to qualify at an event. For example, women in modern times are
allowed to compete in almost every athletic event held in the Olympics. In ancient Greece people from only Greece where aloud to compete. In contrast, in modern times athletes all over the world compete in sports.