The war for independence in this country’s most important war was not a strategically outstanding war or one filled with military’s greatest minds. But one full of supplies shortage and troops turn over as the militias on the states ended their short-term enlistment. In the other hand the British army was coming from a line of victories and it’s navy that was soon to have a big defeat against Napoleon.

The Americans won the war for Independence for three reasons:

The first factor was the steadfastness of Washington. However he was not a brilliant strategist and made a number of imperative mistakes, he was a man great integrity who refused to give up.

The second factor in the American victory was the British failure to press their advantages. During the war, the British generals, especially Howe, showed little inclination to wipe out the feeble American army, as they could have done on a number of occasions. The British generals did not seem to be taking the war seriously.

Finally, the Americans could not have won without help of the French, especially of the French fleet. While the French admirals spent most of their time pursuing regarding the West Indies, at the crucial point, where their help was absolutely necessary, the French ships stood off the coast of Virginia and prevented Cornwallis’ escape.

In the war between the American Colonies and the British, the Americans were fighting to keep they traditional way of government, and their independence made little changes in values and way of life.

The Americans fought for their independence against a British government, which had turn into more and more despotic. The Americans had a right to defend their traditions against British aggression.