History essay writing

For the majority of students history is like a huge puzzle that covers every single event that took place before the present days. That is why college papers topics seem to be endless!

XX Century

One of the brightest history paper ideas is to dedicate your project to one of two the most important events that happened in the XX century – the two world wars. Although it’s a well-known fact that WWI was actually triggered by the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria assassination, you have an opportunity to use history college papers to reveal some other real causes that hide behind the war, for instance imperialism or nationalism. Moreover, you may explore some fatal effect of the WWI, among them: Adolf Hitler rise, European empires dissolution or even events in the 1990s that took place in Yugoslavia. WWII covers a huge list of possible topics for the history college paper. Hitler’s personality and how it has led his country to both destruction and supremacy.

World Leaders

If you take a look back into the past, you’ll see how many names will appear in your head in a moment! The names of world leaders – some of them are great and some not. Martin Luther King, Alexander, Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin – all of them (you can continue this list for ever…) had a colossal effect on society. Some scientist tend to say that all great leaders shape the time they live in, while the others truly believe that these people are actually shaped by historical events and society they face with. Which of these theories is more true-like? How did all of those people become leaders and what kind of influence they had?


Here you’ve got a choice on what way to go – dive into the long-long-time-ago and talk about history of paper money or dedicate your assignment to the inventions that have changes our lives, such as airplane, car, computers, etc. The majority of inventions we make use of nowadays have had a colossal impact on history. When pondering over certain inventions impact, make sure to stay creative. For instance, the airplane was constructed more than just to take us from one place to the other. The point is that air industry has hired millions of people and influenced greatly the labor movement!

It’s up to you to decide what way to go: talk about history of paper money, influential people of different eras or simple gadgets that have tuned the world upside down!

When you’re about to toil over the art history paper or any other project on history, first thing you’re required to do is to answer the main question. Well, this may seem quite obvious for you, but a lot of history college papers simply do not provide the answer for the question raised.

History paper format is an essential part of successful project accomplishment. No matter whether you work on art history paper or history project on some prominent military leader, the paper structure should be the following:

  • Introductive section. The key to successful college papers in history is the introduction. This paper segment will state what you’re going to talk about in your project. Produce a thesis statement that will directly answer the question. In the rest of the introductive part you have to provide the explanation of what your reader should expect in the following paragraphs. A solid and attention-grabbing introduction shows that you fully understand what you’re doing before you begin to write.
  •  The body section. According to the history paper format rules, in the body of the project you have an opportunity to provide historical evidence that supports what you’ve said in the introduction. Generate a topic sentence for each new paragraph in order to support the thesis statement. The sentence in the paragraph has to then provide supporting information for the topic sentence of the paragraph.
  • The summarization section. Don’t get lazy while working on this segment. Here your task is to remind your target audience the key points you’ve discussed in the body of the essay and the way you’ve supported them.



  • It is better to have a project with a solid conclusion, fragile body segment, and strong summarization than a paper with weak introductive section, loads of information provided in the body segment, and weak summary.
  • Make certain the facts provided by you are relevant to your topic rather than related to it.


Make sure to avoid

  • Irrelevant evidence. All the facts should be directly related to all the points you make.
  • Needlessly flowery words (always get to the point using concise language).
  • Highly-opinionated and strong statement without sufficient support based on fact.

We have realized that most of our students do not carry out surveys while writing their research proposal essays. Most of the research proposal topics we received last year were immaterial to the course. We also noted that a few students managed to lift research proposal essays from online books. This year, we have decided to allocate students the research proposal topics to avoid cases of lifting essays. We have extraordinary software that tests all the research proposal essays and highlight all the lifted parts of the research proposal essay.

The research proposal topics will be allocated on the basis of the specialization of the students. Students specializing in finance, risk insurance, marketing, human resource management and economics will be assigned different research proposal topics.  This round we hope students will not hand in lifted research proposal essays since we shall have them presenting their essays as they progress with writing research papers. We have advised the course instructors to shift each research proposal topic chosen by the student to make them find it difficult to submit previous research proposals.

At the end of the semester, all students will defend their research proposal essays by proving why they chose the topics and furnishing the panel with any problems they encountered while working on the research proposal essay. The panel will also cross examine the research proposal and therefore students should better undertake their own surveys.  Other measures to ensure students comply with this are being formulated. Research proposal papers handed in should be high class since the college administration intents to sell them to corporations in essay writing services.

Argumentative essay writing is one of the most common writing assignments in humanities classes in the universities. Students are often asked to write a least one argumentative essay on a given study topic. However, most of them do not how to write an effective argumentative essay that can allow them to score high marks. Personally, argumentative essay writing is one of the easiest writing tasks that I find more interesting to write about. For years, I have always followed certain steps that in writing argumentative essays in college.

The initial stage of writing a good argumentative essay is to plan effectively. Just like any form of writing, an argumentative essay should have certain elements such as format, tenses, and style of writing. Therefore I always take a few minutes to plan out before I venture into the writing process.

Finding a good topic and direction of my arguments is another vital step that I have always considered with utmost keenness. To find a topic, I always consider variety of issues that will allow me to have many conflicting view pints and conclusions. Finding a good topic is always accompanied by my consideration of a good stand to take in backing up my reasoning on the chosen topic.

Another important step that follows my search for a good topic involves picking an ‘argument side’. My side of the argument will be the side that I will eventually pick as the best conclusion of my argumentative essay. However, I always present both sides of the argument in my argumentative essay before concluding on one. In addition, I always provide efficient data that enable me to provide a valid evidence of my arguments.

History research papers are quite common among students who take history course at college or university. European history research papers, as a rule, include such aspects as imperialism, secularization, political reform, nationalism, revolution, foreign treaties and policies, industrialization, immigration, modern art forms development and changing labour patterns. There are loads of topics that, while their roots many be in earlier periods, occurred mainly in the XXth century, all of which are really fascinating topics for research papers.

  • European Union History

Writing history papers you may think over European Union paper. The creation of EU began right after the end of the WWII with the European Economic Community and the European Coal and Steel Community establishment in 1951. With the following decades new imperatives were found for Europeans to join different initiatives and enterprises, counting free trade among the union member, joint production of food, infrastructure building and job creation. In recent times the euro appeared to be the single currency for the countries of the EU.

  • Italian Mafia History

Have you ever thought about writing history papers about Don Corleone? Surely, you may take it as a joke, but making history paper outline for the project about Italian mafia is quite enjoyable!

In August 2010, some arsonists set fire to the Sicily Mafia Museum. In 2011, it turned out that the art director of the museum in Naples received threats from someone about an exhibit about local organization of mafia and after that he sought political asylum in Germany. Although nowadays mafia is no longer powerful in Italy, someone still defends its reputation. The first traces of Italian mafia were originally found in 1865 when Italian Unification and family rivalries system flourished.

  • The History of Gulag: Soviet Labour Camps Horrors

Labour camps appeared in Russia in the early XII century but some time later they turned into a death machine leaded by Joseph Stalin. All the people who were imprisoned in the gulags were murderers, criminals, political prisoners and innocent people who were taken to prison because of paranoid police for crimes (for instance, some person could be imprisoned only for being late to work). All the prisoners of the gulags (men and women) were sentenced for many years and it is important to mention that there was a high death rate in the camps. Although after Stalin’s death these camps were reduced in number, some of them operated till 1980.

History paper proofreading can be quite a challenging task. If you would like to know how to proofread history papers without needless stress, follow the tips we have worked out for needy students.

If you work on your laptop, it is recommended to print out the paper you are going to proofread. It is easier to proofread history paper when you have an opportunity to look at the piece of paper.

Try to find a place to stay alone. If you can close the door and stay in private in your own room – do so. If you work better with music – turn it on. If your prefer silence, proofread history paper in peaceful atmosphere.

Read your paper in a slow manner. There’s no need to be in a hurry. Try to look for grammar, spelling, run-ons mistakes. Check several times if the names’ spelling is correct.

Make sure the addresses and phone numbers are used properly. Double check the accuracy of math if it is included into the paper. Usually, history papers include a lot of dates and historical places names. Make sure all of them are used correctly to avoid embarrassment in the future.

Point out all mistakes using standard proofreading marks. Highlighters will help you to do so.

When the history paper proofreading is accomplished, put it aside and approach some one else to read what you have written. If you want to know how to proofread history papers effectively and fast – give it to your parents or friend who will be able to notice the things you cannot see.

Moreover, you can approach online proofreading experts who can check your paper at moderate prices. They have been trained to be able to work under time pressure and provide you with an excellent result.

History is one of the subjects which have been riding parallel to our studies from high school and doesn’t seem to end even in studies at a doctorate level. History’s importance shows up in the academic curriculum because of the effects which our past passes on to our present and future too. Writing a history paper is not always an easy task and requires special skills in order to get a good grade.

In order to write good and original history papers one should gain enough knowledge about the subject chosen so that it can be interpreted on to the paper in a presentable form. Since the history papers require the task to mention facts and evidences it is advised to avoid the use of any emotional and personal view while describing any event unless the author is asked to write critics about any subject. The importance of facts and evidences makes it necessary for the author to decide about available history paper topics in a wise way. An unexplainable subject might lead to a dead end.

Since a lot of history paper writing ideas are available online it is better to choose a correct offer. A professional history paper writing help might come as handy and produce good results in return.

History paper are written in all parts of the world and in the present internet generation where almost each and every minute information is available on any subject the chances of developing a plagiarized paper are increased. In order to avoid this act and get 100% original history papers custom writing services can be used as assistance. Almost all the services where you pay for writing essays offer plagiarism free papers. Once you are sure about the service it is no harm in ordering a paper online.

If you need any type of help with writing history papers you may contact our custom paper help and we will let you have the experience of getting an exclusively done paper with a guarantee of its quality.

When you are start working on your history essay, the first thing you need to think about is the outline. A lot of students use history essay outline and then their writing skills improve greatly. Avail of the tips for history essay outline writing provided below and thanks to the best outline for history essay tips good writing skills will be in your pocket!

History essay outline is an integral part of prewriting. This process includes researching, brainstorming and planning – everything you need to go through before to make the rough draft. Usually students avoid history essay outline writing thinking by mistake that they have enough knowledge to write a history essay from the start till the very end. What a huge mistake!

First of all, one should narrow down the topic he has chosen. For example, if you decided to write about the WWII you may choose such a topic like ‘The Attack on Pearl Harbor’ and conduct research on the basis of it. Remember, the history essay outline is not supposed to be long. There’s no need to make it longer than 1 page.

We recommend you to use the five paragraph history essay outline as it is the most comfortable way of writing. It has three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Provide your readers with understandable thesis statement about what you’re going to talk in your essay. This statement should be placed in the introduction section. This type of an essay consists of 3 paragraphs which are placed in the body section. The information provided in these paragraphs is used to develop your thesis statement. There should be a topic sentence for every paragraph concerning the thesis. If you want to make the best outline for history essay you need to include a topic sentence, its explanation, supportive points and their explanation into every paragraph. The conclusion sums up the main idea the writer presented to the reader and it may sometimes look similar to the introduction section which is absolutely normal. Try out our tips for history essay outline writing and see how greatly your personal writing skills improve!

History is a most interesting and exciting subject, at least for the ones who are well-versed in it. The very fact of its omnipresent character – after all, every action we do, even reading this text, is a part of history, although not every fact leaves meaningful imprint in it – makes it so rife with ideas for history essay writing that, at a glance, it may seem that there is no problem in choosing among them. However, the abundance may be confusing.

In fact, you may find ideas for history essays wherever you care to look for them. Your town – does it have any historical background? Your family, or your last name – do they go back a long time? Some modern event – doesn’t it look a lot like something that happened a thousand of years ago in a completely different place? If you are given a free hand in choosing the topic, you are free to make use of anything. For example, the cyclical development of human race – many historians think that there are certain events that just keep happening from time to time, always in a somewhat different form but always recognizable – revolutions, economical crises, wars. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

The majority of students, however, settle for more conventional ideas for history essay writing – comparison of historical figures, analysis of military campaigns and so on. But they very often have one considerable drawback – they are much more boring to write. Thus, if you want both to write a history essay and do it with pleasure, we suggest that you should look among the ideas for history essays that have some personal appeal for you. Or, for example, you may try to think about a subject no one has ever written before or, more likely, wrote, but not very often.

History papers have somewhat different style of writing than the one you have probably seen in the English papers. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic! We want you to get winning grades only that is why we have designed simple writing guides for you to write college history paper you and your professor could revel in!

Tip #1

To write college paper in history you have to choose a topic. Two things you need to remember about it – your topic should be accessible and interesting. It means that it is highly important for you to like what you are going to research. Moreover, you need to be sure that you topic has enough information resources available for you.

Tip #2

To write college history paper you need to use primary and secondary resources, i.e. – historical materials and additional (films, books, articles etc.) information resources. Historical societies, libraries and government archives are perfect places to get useful information from.

Tip #3

Before you write college paper in history you have to make a thesis statement.  This part includes your on point of view concerning the topic.

Tip #4

Begin to write your paper. In the introduction part you’ll have to present your thesis statement and material you’re going to cover in the whole paper. Build up the body of your paper in accordance with the order presented in the introduction section. In the conclusion part you have the right to give your own point of view concerning the topic of the paper and used material.

Tip #5

Write college history paper using endnotes and citations. If you want to reference the material you got from the historical resources, you need to use citations. Use endnotes. Footnotes are not allowed in case with history papers.

Tip #6

Remember, that every college history paper should include bibliography section even if there are only a few of resources.

From now on, you may be not worried about how to write college history paper! Therefore, you can start your work with confidence!

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