Argumentative essay writing is one of the most common writing assignments in humanities classes in the universities. Students are often asked to write a least one argumentative essay on a given study topic. However, most of them do not how to write an effective argumentative essay that can allow them to score high marks. Personally, argumentative essay writing is one of the easiest writing tasks that I find more interesting to write about. For years, I have always followed certain steps that in writing argumentative essays in college.

The initial stage of writing a good argumentative essay is to plan effectively. Just like any form of writing, an argumentative essay should have certain elements such as format, tenses, and style of writing. Therefore I always take a few minutes to plan out before I venture into the writing process.

Finding a good topic and direction of my arguments is another vital step that I have always considered with utmost keenness. To find a topic, I always consider variety of issues that will allow me to have many conflicting view pints and conclusions. Finding a good topic is always accompanied by my consideration of a good stand to take in backing up my reasoning on the chosen topic.

Another important step that follows my search for a good topic involves picking an ‘argument side’. My side of the argument will be the side that I will eventually pick as the best conclusion of my argumentative essay. However, I always present both sides of the argument in my argumentative essay before concluding on one. In addition, I always provide efficient data that enable me to provide a valid evidence of my arguments.