If you have problems with choosing topics for history research papers then you must have mistaken in the choice of your major course, for the history is the science that never has a shortage of things to study and points of view to research them from. It is the science in which you can take virtually any event or concept in the history of mankind and describe, criticize, comment on it from any imaginable point of view, or compare it with any other object or concept, or do anything else. There are no limits.

One of the most popular types of history research paper topics is the description and evaluation of some event, person or concept in history. It usually presents no problems; although you should be sure to follow the one point of view you have chosen and not sway in the wind according to the source you deal with at the moment.

The best history research paper topics, however, are the ones in which you deal with what presents certain important for your personally. Thus, if you are going to write a history research paper and are given a free hand in it, try and think about something that arouses certain feelings in you. If there is something like that in the history of humanity, use it as your topic.

Don’t forget, however, that topics for history research papers are very dependent on the sources you use. You won’t be able to base the entire paper on your personal feelings, so care to choose a topic that is sufficiently covered in scientific literature. Even if you know a lot of information about this particular concept or event it always looks better when you apply to the knowledge of other people, who have better reputation in this particular field than you do.