Every student usually starts dreading when it’s time deal with custom papers on Art History. When choosing Art History paper topics, you must long for the one that will appear to be easy to support. It is best to select among Art History term paper topics you feel passionate and of course know at least something about. Remember, the more comfortable you feel about Art History paper topics the solider your final paper will be.

There’s one main difference between term paper on Art History and average term paper you may be assigned with: in term paper on Art History, your task is to “interpret” visual stuff into the verbal. In order to cope with this task effectively, you have to be well-familiar with both terms and basic concepts required to provide description for art. Your task is to not only describe the elements you see in the art, but to also make certain the description you generate delivers the viewpoint or argument of your Art History paper effectively.

Nowadays there’s nothing easier than to select one subject among all the Art History term paper topics: Baroque, Renaissance, Middle Ages, Rococo and many other art epochs are there for you to discover! In this article we present the most popular topics students give preference to while working on Art History assignment.

Topic Ideas for Renaissance Epoch

Once you make up your mind to study the Renaissance period, you’ve an opportunity to choose and later discuss in your paper all the transformations that took place in art style of Michelangelo by contrasting and comparing several early works of this person with his later masterpieces. Then discuss what kind of factors influenced the changes you have pointed out.

Speak about Leonardo da Vinci career and what kind of contributions he made into the world art history. Give specific examples to back up your viewpoint.

Art History on Romanesque, Middle Age, Barbarian and Gothic Eras

In case you’re also interested in architecture, choose at least four buildings of Romanesque era and analyze them. Make sure to describe the development of the epoch mentioned above.

Start a discussion of theHoly Roman Empireillustrated manuscripts importance in the art. Make comparison and then contrast various manuscript paintings using suitable examples.

Make thorough analysis of styles, forms of barbarian art on the territory ofEurope. Provide main points of the paper with illustrations of specific works. Develop your ideas with discussion of how barbarian art influenced Christian art on the European territory.

The majority of students are scared to death when they’re assigned with the task to write art history papers, military history projects, gender history assignments or even the history of paper airplanes. They’re provided with a long list of rules they’re required to follow, difficult topics they need to unveil, and, as a rule, they just put off the task until the very last minute. As a result, they realize how little time is left to complete a paper, they begin to panic.

It is recommended to make up a solid plan before you get involved into the writing process. Make an outline if you really need it. The point is that some people generate outstanding content without any outlining and their papers are more hooking and “alive”.

Choose a paper topic. You can make use of sample history research paper available on the web as an example for your own writing, but remember, sample history research paper can be accomplished by an amateur or a student just like you. But have no fear, for the reason that you can find inspiration practically everywhere! The most exciting thing about writing academic paper in history is that this area includes EVERYTHING! For example, Titanic is on in a 3D format. You may find this movie quite exciting. Then you suddenly realize that Titanic is an outstanding topic.

Maybe you do no want to write on a ship, so you think about Titanic just for a few minutes. It was a huge tragedy in a history of marine engineering. History is full of tragedies that are a good reading. Perhaps you won’t be interested in Titanic history, so search for the other tragedies that will be a pretty touching topic for your tutor/group mates.

Think about a firm thesis statement. The topic of a history paper has to be sold. A project about history tragedies would require a thesis statement that will frame the project. Your thesis statement may look like: “By knowing all the tragedies and its consequences in the past, we can better understand how to never repeat them.” Linking research paper with the present days will always work when making attempts to hook a target audience.

Don’t forget about thorough research on the topic. Never make use of Google/Wikipedia as a source for history research paper. Remember, art history papers, social history, environmental history or cultural history project should have a firm basis. Reading information related to your topic will help you to make clear the historical events importance, and importance of when things happened and who was involved in them. Jot down the quotes, facts, events you find interesting, but make sure to note what book/journal/author this or that quote belongs to!

To be successful in life is the wish of every individual. But not everyone is capable of completing this wish or dream. In order to achieve absolute brilliance or precision in everything that a person does, one has to have a lot more than just knowledge. It is very important to have a positive attitude and faith that you can achieve your target.  With believe and trust on yourself you can get whatever you want in life. The main thing is to have a strong will and wish to achieve your goal and aim.

At times students have issues in finding the right information for their research, particularly when it is a history research paper. Due to this reasons many of the students use internet and Google the topic or history research paper ideas. However it is not very easy as it seems to find history paper ideas or topic readily on the internet; it takes a lot of time and effort to find a good and effective idea or topic.  For any research it is essential to gather the accurate information form reliable source or it will be of no use if the information is incorrect.

Life history paper also known as biography is a description of chain of occasions that has happened in a person’s life. When students have difficulty in finding history paper ideas they can always go for life history paper on the life of people form the past like famous celebrities, politician or any other person who is famous and has an influence on the present and the future. For this purpose it is very important to gather all the necessary information about that person and his/her biographical facts and details. However one must always make sure that the information you are getting is from a trustworthy source.

College papers in history represent some skill that is you can easily learn with practice. Start off writing college papers using these useful tips.

First of all, you should jot down all the important points that you’d like to make in art history paper or any other type of paper in history. Don’t keep to any order – your task is to brainstorm arguments or topics you want to include in your project.

Remember it is impossible to work on history paper format without solid outline. The point is that it is very difficult to start a project when you know nothing about where you are going. If you’ve proper planning, you’ll always know the moment when you are almost done. Remember, this is very important.

It is forbidden to use the pronoun “I”. The thing is that papers on history are supposed to be not about you, but about the time that has already gone.

Keep in mind the fact that the first paragraph is the key part of the paper. It hooks your reader. In this part you need to tell him the paper subject, the arguments or topics you’re gong to cover, together with several sentences summing up of your conclusion.

Don’t be scared to generate paragraphs but remember, every paragraph should include information on a different argument or topic.

Don’t forget about punctuation! Even the most meaty and professionally written content can be spoilt by the absence of punctuation elements. If you take a breath and you see that there’s no comma, make the sentence shorter.

Work on the conclusion section. You’re done with the most of the project – have you succeeded in coming to the very same conclusion as you produced in the first paragraph? Do not include new information in this section. Conclusion should include summarization of the key points of history paper.

Check out your endnotes and footnotes. Make sure they’re correct. Remember, they’re a research tool of a great importance though a huge number of students consider them unnecessary.

Spell-check your project. The majority of professors will mechanically mark you down the whole grade for wrong spelling. All you’re required to do is to make a single click.

Once you’re ready with an accomplished paper, read and re-read it out-loud making use of punctuation. This means that you have to take a breath at every comma and make pauses at periods. Ask your pal to read your project. The thing is that we may not be as clever as we think!

When you’re about to toil over the art history paper or any other project on history, first thing you’re required to do is to answer the main question. Well, this may seem quite obvious for you, but a lot of history college papers simply do not provide the answer for the question raised.

History paper format is an essential part of successful project accomplishment. No matter whether you work on art history paper or history project on some prominent military leader, the paper structure should be the following:

  • Introductive section. The key to successful college papers in history is the introduction. This paper segment will state what you’re going to talk about in your project. Produce a thesis statement that will directly answer the question. In the rest of the introductive part you have to provide the explanation of what your reader should expect in the following paragraphs. A solid and attention-grabbing introduction shows that you fully understand what you’re doing before you begin to write.
  •  The body section. According to the history paper format rules, in the body of the project you have an opportunity to provide historical evidence that supports what you’ve said in the introduction. Generate a topic sentence for each new paragraph in order to support the thesis statement. The sentence in the paragraph has to then provide supporting information for the topic sentence of the paragraph.
  • The summarization section. Don’t get lazy while working on this segment. Here your task is to remind your target audience the key points you’ve discussed in the body of the essay and the way you’ve supported them.



  • It is better to have a project with a solid conclusion, fragile body segment, and strong summarization than a paper with weak introductive section, loads of information provided in the body segment, and weak summary.
  • Make certain the facts provided by you are relevant to your topic rather than related to it.


Make sure to avoid

  • Irrelevant evidence. All the facts should be directly related to all the points you make.
  • Needlessly flowery words (always get to the point using concise language).
  • Highly-opinionated and strong statement without sufficient support based on fact.

With specific thesis proposal reference to noise hazard, the company provides ear masks that the employees are expected to wear, as long as they are in the work place. Indeed, that was an adequate thesis proposal measure to minimize the risks that result from extreme noise.

The custom thesis proposal workers further stressed that, it was an offence to stay in the work-site without the protective devises. Precisely, the explanation indicated that the company had a sense of responsibility to cater for that worker’s safety. Moreover, the thesis proposal workers observed a sense of personal safety measures, through wearing the protective devises during the working hours. Other than the safety gadget, we observed that there were leaflets pinned on the notice boards outlining the safety precautions the workers had to observe. In addition, the mining company has well equipped first aid kit and a team of experts to treat the injured people. Therefore, I deduced that the company has adequate free thesis proposal measures to minimize all the hazards.

In mining industry, the thesis proposal application of hierarchy of control ensures that the workers are safeguarded from the risks and injuries, which are associated with the work environment. The hierarchy starts with the workers since they are the group exposed to the risks than the management. Therefore, they are considered the first lot in the hierarchy of controls as thesis proposal outlined.

Eliminate the thesis proposal risks: This is the most effective control measure in the mining industry. The workers and management should collaborate to ensure that the risk are minimized and possibly eliminated.

Engineering controls: Under this thesis proposal control, the protection of the workers from the harmful exposures that probably occur in most companies.

What are the main differences between a research paper on art and the other history research papers? Perhaps, the most significant difference causes the hugest challenge: in history research papers on art, your task is to be able to provide a solid argument about what you see. In other words art history paper requires you to translate the visual aspects into verbal ones. In order to cope with art history paper, you should first be well-acquainted with the language of this field, which means you, as the author of the paper, have to familiarize yourself with the concepts and the terms needed to provide description for the work of art.

Before you proceed to work, make notes of 4 categories of art history paper. Avail of them for better understanding of all tutor’s requirements.

  • Formal analysis requires you to consider the work of art formal parts, and, what is more, create some fresh interesting way of understanding this work from a discussion of the parts.
  • Biographical essays are used to study the way an artist’s life is relevant to his art.
  • Sociological essay is used in order to take a look at some era and see that that time period influences a particular work of art.  
  • Iconography requires you to identify images by means of studying the symbols that are placed on a piece of art.

Let’s imagine like your first task was to cope with a huge number of art history paper topics. Once you choose the work of art that really moves you, start writing a formal analysis of it in questions.

  • Make certain to choose the work of art carefully. This means you should find a sculpture or a painting that attracts you both in an emotional and intellectual way.
  • Provide your response to the piece of art. What kind of emotions does it make you feel? What kind of ideas appear in your head? Maybe there’s something provocative about this work? Make sure to take notes.
  • Consider how the work of art is displayed. Is it displayed in a separate open space? Can other pieces of art complement it? Does this work of art required high-contrast, bright light? Are people allowed to see it from up-close, or they should view the piece of art from a distance?
  • Think about the context of the work of art. Who is the author of it? Where and when it was painted? What events of historical or cultural nature have influenced it? If you know not much about the work, create a list of all questions to conduct the library research on the basis of it.
  • Structure your research paper. Do that in chronological way or in a particular progression of an artist, in relational way if you provide discussion for a work in a relation to the other work or a movement etc.

We have realized that most of our students do not carry out surveys while writing their research proposal essays. Most of the research proposal topics we received last year were immaterial to the course. We also noted that a few students managed to lift research proposal essays from online books. This year, we have decided to allocate students the research proposal topics to avoid cases of lifting essays. We have extraordinary software that tests all the research proposal essays and highlight all the lifted parts of the research proposal essay.

The research proposal topics will be allocated on the basis of the specialization of the students. Students specializing in finance, risk insurance, marketing, human resource management and economics will be assigned different research proposal topics.  This round we hope students will not hand in lifted research proposal essays since we shall have them presenting their essays as they progress with writing research papers. We have advised the course instructors to shift each research proposal topic chosen by the student to make them find it difficult to submit previous research proposals.

At the end of the semester, all students will defend their research proposal essays by proving why they chose the topics and furnishing the panel with any problems they encountered while working on the research proposal essay. The panel will also cross examine the research proposal and therefore students should better undertake their own surveys.  Other measures to ensure students comply with this are being formulated. Research proposal papers handed in should be high class since the college administration intents to sell them to corporations in essay writing services.

Argumentative essay writing is one of the most common writing assignments in humanities classes in the universities. Students are often asked to write a least one argumentative essay on a given study topic. However, most of them do not how to write an effective argumentative essay that can allow them to score high marks. Personally, argumentative essay writing is one of the easiest writing tasks that I find more interesting to write about. For years, I have always followed certain steps that in writing argumentative essays in college.

The initial stage of writing a good argumentative essay is to plan effectively. Just like any form of writing, an argumentative essay should have certain elements such as format, tenses, and style of writing. Therefore I always take a few minutes to plan out before I venture into the writing process.

Finding a good topic and direction of my arguments is another vital step that I have always considered with utmost keenness. To find a topic, I always consider variety of issues that will allow me to have many conflicting view pints and conclusions. Finding a good topic is always accompanied by my consideration of a good stand to take in backing up my reasoning on the chosen topic.

Another important step that follows my search for a good topic involves picking an ‘argument side’. My side of the argument will be the side that I will eventually pick as the best conclusion of my argumentative essay. However, I always present both sides of the argument in my argumentative essay before concluding on one. In addition, I always provide efficient data that enable me to provide a valid evidence of my arguments.

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As a rule, best online calculus assignment services offer 24/7 help on any topic and complexity level. Moreover, company staff consists of competent and highly professional experts that go though months of training before they’re hired.

Calculus assignment is not easy to handle and because of its difficulty thoughts like “I have too little time for home work, I need to pay someone to do my calculus homework!” come into your mind from time to time. It’s as easy as pie to order calculus assignment on the web and forget about it for good. Once you purchase it, you’ll be provided with the best work within the shortest period of time!

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