History papers have somewhat different style of writing than the one you have probably seen in the English papers. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic! We want you to get winning grades only that is why we have designed simple writing guides for you to write college history paper you and your professor could revel in!

Tip #1

To write college paper in history you have to choose a topic. Two things you need to remember about it – your topic should be accessible and interesting. It means that it is highly important for you to like what you are going to research. Moreover, you need to be sure that you topic has enough information resources available for you.

Tip #2

To write college history paper you need to use primary and secondary resources, i.e. – historical materials and additional (films, books, articles etc.) information resources. Historical societies, libraries and government archives are perfect places to get useful information from.

Tip #3

Before you write college paper in history you have to make a thesis statement.  This part includes your on point of view concerning the topic.

Tip #4

Begin to write your paper. In the introduction part you’ll have to present your thesis statement and material you’re going to cover in the whole paper. Build up the body of your paper in accordance with the order presented in the introduction section. In the conclusion part you have the right to give your own point of view concerning the topic of the paper and used material.

Tip #5

Write college history paper using endnotes and citations. If you want to reference the material you got from the historical resources, you need to use citations. Use endnotes. Footnotes are not allowed in case with history papers.

Tip #6

Remember, that every college history paper should include bibliography section even if there are only a few of resources.

From now on, you may be not worried about how to write college history paper! Therefore, you can start your work with confidence!