The topic of the assignment given to your by your professor can be virtually anything, especially if your subject is not an exact science but, for example, literature or history. These disciplines leave a lot of space for imagination, and some teachers find great pleasure in thinking up creative, unusual or outright weird tasks for their students.

For example, you may be given a task of writing a literature research paper about a work by certain author that was in project but wasn’t finished. It means that you should not only write all the usual critical and analytical stuff about the book, but also try to imagine what this book would be like if it were finished and published, taking into account the author’s personality, the time he lived in and other factors. Such a task may seem to be absurdly complicated, but it is also really interesting.

History papers are not much better in this respect. In this discipline professors also have a lot of tools that allow them to make even the most mundane topics unusual and strange. For example, you may be given a task of inventing the events of alternative history, caused by some difference from the actual history – for example, what the world would be like if the outcome of the World War 2 were different? Or you simply may be given a task of writing the account of something that it not usually considered to be worthy of it – for example, the history of paper in different world cultures.

If you are given an unusual task, understand this: professors using unconventional assignments expect unconventional approach from their students as well. If you have to write an unusual literature research paper that defies description, make it as original as possible – it will pay off.