Before you start writing academic history paper, make sure to create a short list of all the key points you’re going to cover in your assignment. There’s no need to put them all in a certain order – just feel free to brainstorm as long as you need to reveal all arguments and topics you’d like to make.

 Generate an outline for the history paper. It’s an incredibly important step for the reason that it’s practically impossible to start the paper if you’ve not the slightest idea of what path you’re going to take. The point is that planning in advance will give you an opportunity to know when you are done. Really, that IS important!

The word “I” is a taboo whether you’re working on art history papers, medieval ages papers, American history papers, etc. Thing is that this type of project is not about you, it’s about the time that has passed.

The first history paper paragraph plays the most important part. In case you’re dealing with art history papers, an introductive section will get your reader acquainted with works of art you’re going to discuss. In the introduction content you have to provide you reader with the paper subject, the arguments you will talk about.

Feel free to generate paper paragraphs, but make sure to have each of them focused on a different argument or topic.

Proceed to the conclusive section. You’ve already coped with the most of your project – have you succeeded to come to a particular wrap-up opinion as the one you have mentioned in an introductive part? Make sure to avoid providing new info in the conclusion. It should sum up only key points of the body of the essay.

Pay attention to the endnotes and footnotes of the paper. Although the majority of students find them unnecessary, they’re significant for the whole paper.

Once you’ve done with the last sentence, have your friend to read your paper out-loud in order to check it for style, punctuation and grammar errors. Perhaps this may sound kind of weird, but you should listen to the way your “masterpiece” sounds.

We hope you get the highest grade!